We will always have 
a choice. When you
stand up to be counted, 
tell the world - 
This is my voice. 
There are many like it, 
but this one is mine.            

— Shane Koyczan, "This is My Voice"

Ama Ede


  • Born in Nigeria, Ede has lived in Canada since 2005.
  • Ede edited an international online poetry journal, Sentinel Poetry Online.
  • Won the association of Nigerian Authors’ 1998 All Africa Christopher Okigbo Prize for Literature.
  • PEN Canada’s Writer-In-Residence at Carleton University in 2006-2007, where he is now a doctoral candidate. Sponsored as a writer-in-exile by PEN Canada.
  • An ex-Hindu monk.

In this lesson

  • Globetrotter (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Interview (Parts 1 & 2)