I travelled.
I didn’t know the world
back then.
I just travelled.
I was afraid
I would never return.
I tumbled that hillside
back into myself.

— Louise Bernice Halfe, "Ekweski, Turn-Around Woman"

Loving the Words Workshop (Lorna Crozier)

Loving the WordsIntroduction

A virtual workshop with Lorna Crozier: "This is a workshop for poets, both those just starting out and those who have been writing for years, who want to get in touch with their own voice and to celebrate its uniqueness and value. An ancient Chinese writer said that poetry is like being alive twice. The goal of the workshop is to help you feel more alive as writers and more engaged with the world."

In this lesson

  • An Image from Your Morning
  • Morning Images – Examples
  • Writing a Renga
  • Image to Metaphor